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NANRITAM was founded by its Board of Trustees which is the principle body for deciding the areas of work and nature of projects to be taken up. The Board is assisted by the Executive Committee headed by a Chairman, four Vice-presidents and the Organizational Secretary and a Project Coordinator. Each is given specific area of activity. Detail of their assignments is presented in the chart below. Under the guidance of these Programme heads, the second rank young functionaries operate. Secretary of the organization is responsible for the general administration, overall planning and community outreach activities.



NANRITAM operates from its headquarters at Barandanga Village in Para Block, Purulia and the entire executive committee is full-time resident at the Para Campus. At the Para campus at present there is a 40-member resident work-force whose enthusiasm and tireless work carry forward the activities and reputation of the organization. In addition NANRITAM employs 37 field workers selected from the community for its community outreach activities. For proper utilization of its resources, NANRITAM has an internal audit system that regulates its financial transaction on a monthly basis and there is an external auditing firm to evaluate and certify the annual expenditure and balance-sheet.
All activities of NANRITAM are regularly updated at its website

Registered Office: 28 /1/2, Selimpur Road, Flat 6, Kolkata 700031, West Bengal

Field Office: Barandanga Village, Para Block, Dist. Purulia, West Bengal

There is a separate Board of Patrons who oversees the work of the executive committee periodically, evaluates the projects and advises on how the projects can be made more efficient and fine-tuned to the needs of the communities.

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All Donations to Nanritam are eligible for income tax exemption under section 80G of IT Act, 1961.
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